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Candy Crush

Title: Candy Crush
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Category: Classic Games

Description: The mobile game taking the world by storm at the moment, now playable online! Swap pieces of candy in a giant tasty-looking grid, trying to get a horizontal or vertical line of three or more. By lining up the same types of candy, they're removed from the grid, scoring you points and dropping new ones in from above. You play against the clock, and the trick to high scores is to get long chains - remove a candy that causes other lines to be formed as the removed pieces drop down the board. With a bit of practice you'll be racking up super scores! We've put this in the classic game category, as it's very similar to Bejeweled, Diamond Mine and the game that started the genre, Shariki.

Instructions: Click on a candy piece to select it, then click again on a candy next to that one to swap them around. That's it!

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